Merchant Account & Ordering System
Be In Control of Your Money

Be In Control of Your Money

  • No Minimum Contract Term or Early-Closure Fee
    We give you the freedom to use your merchant account for as long or short a time period as you like. If you no longer need your merchant account, you won’t be charged an early-closure fee.

  • Quickbooks Compatible
    The StoresonlinePro orders system is Quickbooks compatible making it easy for you to organize your business transactions.

  • Shipping Allowances
    Don’t waste time giving your customers unavailable shipping options. Your StoresonlinePro website is smart enough to only allow your customer to choose from shipping and product options that are available in his/her area. Our system is integrated with FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

  • Multiple Currency Options
    No need to make your customers calculate your currency prices to theirs. Your StoresonlinePro website can list your products in multiple currencies. With this feature, your customers know exactly what they are paying for your products.

  • Protection Against False and Fraudulent Orders
    You don’t have resources to throw away on false or fraudulent orders. The StoresonlinePro builder is built to ask your customers for verification at the time of order to discourage false automated orders.

  • Integrated with Google Checkout™
    Your customers can shop your online store with confidence because your website uses the Google Checkout system. Google Checkout™ gives you a faster, safer, and more convenient way to track all your orders and shipping.

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