Complete StoresOnline Express Features
General Account Information StoresOnlineExpress StoresOnlinePro
Storage Space 1GB 2GB
Unlimited Pages Yes Yes
Multiple Currencies 1 Currency Unlimited
Sub-domains Support   Yes
Custom Email Forwarding   Yes
Custom Reply Emails   Yes
General Web Site Features StoresOnlineExpress StoresOnlinePro
Site Tabs and Breadcrumbs Yes Yes
Automatic Logo Generation Yes Yes
RSS Feeds Yes Yes
Internal Site Search Yes Yes
Professional Designs Limited All
Advanced java scripting   Yes
Drag and drop page layout Yes Yes
WYSIWYG page design Yes Yes
Password protected pages   Yes
Integrated SEO Page Analytics   Yes
Page Elements 25 or Less Unlimited
Customizable Forms StoresOnlineExpress StoresOnlinePro
Secure Customizable Order Form Yes Yes
Order email notification auto response Yes Yes
Custom form page elements Order Only Yes
Forms Tool (Beyond Order Form)   Yes
Custom sign in pages (repeat login)   Yes
Multiple customized form pages   Yes
Products StoresOnlineExpress StoresOnlinePro
Unlimited Products Yes Yes
Featured products Yes Yes
On Sale products Yes Yes
Inventory control   Yes
Hierarchical product categories   Yes
Multiple price sets   Yes
Multiple credit card processors   Yes
eBay auction feeds   Yes
Auction management   Yes
Product feeds to comparison shopping portals   Yes
Printed coupons   Yes
Real time shipping integration (UPS, FedEx, DHL)   Yes
Affiliate program support   Yes
Google checkout   Yes
Quantity discounting Yes Yes
Multiple product descriptions Yes Yes
Multiple product images Yes Yes
Multiple product categories   Yes
Bolt on ecommerce supported   Yes
Import/Export product info   Yes
Customers StoresOnlineExpress StoresOnlinePro
Customer database   Yes
Customer grouping   Yes
List management (subscribe/unsubscribe)   Yes
Password management   Yes
Customer order tracking   Yes
Bulk email support   Yes
HTML email support   Yes
Export customer information   Yes
Customer notes   Yes
Orders StoresOnlineExpress StoresOnlinePro
Order tracking real time tracking (FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS)   Yes
Fulfillment status Yes Yes
Payment status Yes Yes
Export orders Yes Yes
Order fulfillment management Yes Yes
Order payment/transaction history Yes Yes
Order package management Yes Yes
UPS, FedEx, DHL auto generated shipping labels   Yes
Quickbooks export   Yes
Associated Hosting and Support Services StoresOnlineExpress StoresOnlinePro
Merchant Services Access   Yes
- Reverse Search Tool   Yes
- Keyword Analysis Tool   Yes
- Library of Promotional Strategies   Yes
Up-to-date Web Promotion tutorials   Yes
24x7 chat support Yes Yes
11 hours per day phone support (Mon thru Fri)   Yes
Email Aliasing Yes Yes
Email Hosting (Avail)   Yes
Avail Unified Communications System   Yes
Secure Real-Time credit card processing PayPal Only Merchant Account
Online Technical Help Files Yes Yes
Online Technical Tutorials Yes Yes
Domain Hosting Yes Yes
Visa/Master Card compliant hosting environment Yes Yes
128 Bit SSL encryption Yes Yes
Redundant and Load Balancing Web Servers Yes Yes
Redundant T3 Connection Yes Yes
Redundant uninterruptible power supply Yes Yes
Backup Diesel Generator Yes Yes
Firewall Protection Yes Yes
Akamai Network   Yes
StoresOnline Express Website Package

StoresOnline Express Website Package

Demo Video StoresOnline Express allows you to create and maintain an eCommerce-enabled website with simplicity and ease. Simply gather content, design your site, publish your StoresOnline Express website to the Internet, and allow customers to shop and order products. StoresOnline Express integrates online credit card processing, product & order management, and web site design within a streamlined, point-and-click environment. With StoresOnline Express you have complete flexibility and total control over your internet business.
StoresOnline Express:
Was $299 ... Now $199 !!!

License & Website Package Includes: Hosting & Maintenance Includes:
  • 1 Fully-Enabled eCommerce Website Platform
  • User-Friendly Point-and-Click Build/Design Environment
  • ECommerce Administration Ability
  • Fully Integrated StoresOnline Shopping Cart Technology
  • Site Navigation & Search Field
  • Product Management Tools
  • Order Management Tools
  • The Highest Security Encryption
  • And More!!!
  • $24.95/month (1st month included)
  • High Security
  • Built-in Redundancy
  • Regular Backups
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Bandwidth and Network
  • Data Storage
  • Technical Support
  • And More!!!
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StoresOnline Express

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